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Generation Gap

03/26/12 12:00PM

VPR/Fran Stoddard
Corey Kennedy (left) along with Patrick Biddiscombe and his girlfriend, Dana Bingham, have started a property management and contracting company. They are among many in their generation who are pushing new ways to conduct business.

Vermont has a generation gap. Young adults in their 20s are part of the largest generation ever in America.

But Vermonters ages 20 to 34 continue to leave the state. And a low birth rate means they're not being replaced.

Politicians have debated for years the significance, but most agree the trend is cause for concern about the economic and cultural well-being of the state.

Vermont Edition delves into this trend and how it affects the economic and cultural well-being of the state in the series "Generation Gap."

The Generation Gap Project is made possible by the VPR Journalism Fund.


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