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Vermont Women In History

03/19/12 7:55AM

Photo: Vermont Historical Society
Consuelo Northrop Bailey was the first woman in the nation to be elected Lieutenant Governor in 1954. She was also the first Vermont woman to be admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1933.
In collaboration with the Vermont Commission on Women, VPR celebrates Women's History Month with a week-long examination of the long process of establishing legal rights for women in Vermont.

Listen all this week at 7:55a.m. during Morning Edition.

This event coincides with the Commission's 6th edition of The Legal Rights of Women in Vermont, a handbook to help the layperson understand legal rights and responsibilities under state and federal law. 

Five Vermont women who are notable in their own right will consider some of the people, events and ideas that played a role in this process.



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