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International Women's Day in Jazz

03/08/12 9:00PM By George Thomas

Tonight we celebrate International Women's Day with 2 hours of great jazz musicians, composers & bandleaders who happen to be women. From pioneers like Lil Hardin Armstrong, Mary Lou Williams, Mary Osborne and greats including Marian McPartland, Geri Allen, Anat Fort, Anat Cohen, Virginia Mayhew, Terri Lyne Carrington & more.



Up The Country Blues
Artist Name: Sippie Wallace
Composer: Sippie Wallace
Soloists: Sippie Wallace-Vocals, Piano
CD/Album: Women Be Wise
Record co./Cat #: Alligator 4810
Release Year: 1966


A Grand Night For Swinging
Artist Name: Mary Lou Williams
Composer: W. E. Taylor
Soloists: Mary Lou Williams-Piano ; Roy Haynes-Drums
CD/Album: A Grand Night For Swinging
Record co./Cat #: HighNote 7180
Release Year: 1976


Don't Get It Twisted
Artist Name: International Sweethearts Of Rhythm
CD/Album: Forty Years Of Women In Jazz
Record co./Cat #: Jass Records 9/10
Release Year: 1945


It's Murder!
Artist Name: Lil Armstrong
Composer: Lillian Hardin Armstrong
Soloists: Lil Armstrong-Piano, Vocals
CD/Album: Forty Years Of Women In Jazz
Record co./Cat #: Jass 9/10
Release Year: 1936


Sweet Georgia Brown
Artist Name: International Sweethearts Of Rhythm
CD/Album: Forty Years Of Women In Jazz
Record co./Cat #: Jass Records 9/10
Release Year: 1945


My Reverie
Artist Name: Melba Liston with Dizzy Gillespie's Orchestra
Soloists: Melba Liston-Trombone
CD/Album: Forty Years Of Women In Jazz
Record co./Cat #: Jass Records 9/10
Release Year: 1956


A Woman's Place Is In The Groove
Artist Name: The Vivien Garry Quintet
Composer: Leonard Feather
Soloists: Vivien Garry-Bass ; Ginger Smoke-Violin ; Edna Williams-Trumpet ; Winsome Beatty-Piano ; Dody Jeske-Drums
CD/Album: The Women
Record co./Cat #: Bluebird 6755-2
Release Year: 1946


Willow Weep For Me
Artist Name: Marian McPartland
Composer: Ann Ronell
Soloists: Marian McPartland-Piano
CD/Album: Live At Maybeck
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 4460
Release Year: 1991


Wake Up Call
Artist Name: Cercie Miller Quartet
Composer: Cercie Miller
Soloists: Cercie Miller-Saxophones
CD/Album: Blue Vistas
Record co./Cat #: Jazz Project 1001
Release Year: 1998


You Won't Forget Me
Artist Name: Shirley Horn
Composer: K. Goell, F. Spielman
Soloists: Shirley Horn-Vocals, Piano ; Miles Davis-Trumpet
CD/Album: You Won't Forget Me
Record co./Cat #: Verve 847 482-2
Release Year: 1991


Quadrille, Anyone?
Artist Name: Toshiko Akiyoshi
Composer: Toshiko Akiyoshi
Soloists: Toshiko Akiyoshi -Piano
CD/Album: Piano At Maybeck
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 4635
Release Year: 1995


Miriam's Shuffle
Artist Name: Allison Miller
Composer: Allison Miller
Soloists: Allison Miller-Drums ; Virginia Mathew-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: 5 AM Stroll
Record co./Cat #: Foxhaven 70016
Release Year: 2004


Complicated Love
Artist Name: Claire Daly Quintet
Composer: Claire Daly
Soloists: Claire Daly-Baritone Sax ; Mary Ann McSweeney-Bass
CD/Album: Mary Joyce Project: Nothing To Lose
Record co./Cat #: Daly Bread Records
Release Year: 2011
Note: New


Artist Name: Lynne Arriale
Composer: Lynne Arriale
Soloists: Lynne Arriale-Piano
CD/Album: Solo
Record co./Cat #: Motema Music 83
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Blue Bossa
Artist Name: Ellen Powell & Jerry Lavene
Composer: Kenny Dorham
Soloists: Ellen Powell-Bass ; Jerry Lavene-Guitar
CD/Album: Real Time
Record co./Cat #: Elsa Records 369
Release Year: 1996


Not A Dream?
Artist Name: Anat Fort
Composer: Anat Fort
Soloists: Anat Fort-Piano
CD/Album: A Long Story
Record co./Cat #: ECM 1994
Release Year: 2007


Radio Song
Artist Name: Esperanza Spalding
Composer: Esperanza Spalding
Soloists: Esperanza Spalding-Vocals, Bass
CD/Album: Radio Music Society
Record co./Cat #: Heads Up 33174-02
Release Year: 2012
Note: New - Listener Request


Monterey Blues
Artist Name: Virginia Mayhew
Composer: Virginia Mayhew
Soloists: Virginia Mayhew-Tenor Sax ; Ingrid Jensen-Trumpet ; Allison Miller-Drums
CD/Album: Phantoms
Record co./Cat #: Renma Recordings 6397
Release Year: 2003


The Waters Of March
Artist Name: Susannah McCorkle
Composer: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Soloists: Susannah McCorkle-Vocals
CD/Album: Most Requested Songs
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 4976-2
Release Year: 2001
Note: Listener Request


Tiger Rag
Artist Name: 3 Cohens
Anat Cohen
Soloists: Anat Cohen-Tenor Sax, Clarinet
CD/Album: Family
Record co./Cat #: Anzic Records 7002
Release Year: 2011
Note: New


Black Lace Freudian Slip
Artist Name: Rene Marie
Composer: Rene Marie
Soloists: Rene Marie-Vocals
CD/Album: Black Lace Freudian Slip
Record co./Cat #: Motema Music 74
Release Year: 2011
Note: New


Unconditional Love
Artist Name: Terri Lyne Carrington
Composer: Geri Allen
Soloists: Terri Lyne Carrington-Drums ; Geri Allen-Piano ; Esperanza Spalding-Bass, Vocals
CD/Album: The Mosaic Project
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 33016-02
Release Year: 2011
Note: New


Linger Awhile
Artist Name: Sarah Vaughan
Composer: Rose, Owens
Soloists: Sarah Vaughan-Vocals
CD/Album: Swingin' Easy
Record co./Cat #: EmArcy 314 514 072-2
Release Year: 1957
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