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Marble Eyes

03/12/12 5:00AM

Caleb Hoh, a seventh grader at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington, started writing to small prompts in class, but soon became serious about his work and dedicated to the Young Writers Project. "Through reading responses and contested prompts I feel that I have learned to use the situations and feelings of real life to make my writing come alive," he says. "I even performed one of my pieces at a talent show with some friends... I like to write fiction, from action to intense scenarios, and I get caught up in whatever piece I write."


Opening the closet door, I looked into those beautifully tinted, marble eyes.

They were what I used to see every time I woke up, every time I went to bed, and every time I was home, sending happiness into my heart.

Those shiny eyes were staring at me now, looking into my thoughts, into my mind. They found my good memories and pushed them to the surface.

Everything was there, unlocked from that mental bookshelf; all of the adventures we'd taken, the imagined treks, mountains and rivers conquered, the villains put into prison, and the pretend battles we'd fought together.

The lifetime of fear and fun we spent together flew into my head, engulfing my mind, sending soothing ideas into my eyes.

As I looked at him, I rubbed his soft brown fur and saw the plastic buttons, a flat green, with little holes, looking at me, beckoning me to pick him up again, throw him around, run with him forever once more.

I was flushed with the memories that pushed happiness into my day, and with a smile, remembering my lost imagination, I closed the closet door.

I stood there for a long time, looking at the doorknob, losing the happiness of the teddy's eyes. I thought about the loneliness he would face in the closet, feeling bad for him as if he were human, as if he felt sadness, or joy, on the given occasion.

The connection between us made my old emotions come out, bringing me back to the days of no responsibilities, just me and teddy.

Those eyes were staring through the wooden door, into my room, and into my mind.

With a smile, I forcefully opened the closet door again, hoping he didn't flee or hide from me, not to be played with again, and at that moment, I knew what I really wanted.

I looked to find teddy still there, staring back at me with his beautifully tinted, gleaming marble eyes.

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