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My Town

03/05/12 5:00AM

Kiera Loomis, who is in 5th Grade at Shrewsbury Mountain School, says she is motivated to write by the prompts provided by the Young Writers Project and she likes to be creative and share her experiences with others. Kiera loves animals, and dreams about being a veterinarian one day.

Shrewsbury's town crew is the most outstanding crew I've ever seen. Ever since Hurricane Irene, our town crew has been trying their hardest to repair places, like Brown's Covered Bridge and the Cold River. Right after Irene, our road crew worked day and night to make sure everyone was safe and could travel to Rutland. They even rebuilt the road so we could go to school.

These dedicated workers do their best to make Shrewsbury safe even when there isn't an emergency. Most people say in the winter season, Shrewsbury's roads are the driest roads around.

The Shrewsbury Volunteer Fire Department is also a huge benefit to our town. During the hurricane, when people were stuck in their cars under water, or were trapped in their houses, the volunteers received calls on their radios.  These courageous people helped save the citizens in the floodwaters. I was there when my friend Grace's dad got a call on his radio during the first day of Hurricane Irene. He quickly rushed out to his truck and drove to the fire department.

I would like to thank these people for all that they have done and all that they do. I'm especially thankful for two of my friends' dads and all they've done for our town, Shrewsbury.

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