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On the hill

02/27/12 5:00AM

Charles Myers, who is 13 and in 8th Grade at Edmunds Middle School, wrote this piece after his close friend, Bentley Davis Seifer, died at age 12 in a swimming accident on July 12, 2011. Charles says,

"Last summer, one of my best friends, Bentley, passed away swimming at the Bolton Potholes. This piece is about what I do sometimes to comfort myself...

"Bentley and I did many fun things together. I mention some of these things in my piece, like how we made forts in the woods and played in the snow. Bentley was a very outdoorsy kind of guy. He liked to play outside just like me. When I wrote this piece, it really helped me get my feelings out. I have been having a very tough time since his passing, and my writing really helped me let a lot of my feelings out. I will never forget my friend Bentley, and through my writings I will keep his memory alive."


Once in a while I have a day when I cannot feel anything but pain and grief. I walk to the park and sit on the hill where I used to play.

I wish to have one more day to play in the snow and make forts in the woods. I eat my favorite foods and watch as the sun shines brightly upon my face.

I listen to the wind, hoping to hear his voice one last time, but it never comes.

I cry and lay there on the hill most of the day. I try to remember, I try to bring something back. Then I realize that it will not come back. I know I can still remember. 

Something about that hill, with the sun on my face and the wind going through my hair, gives me comfort.  

It makes me feel as though he is still here, playing with me, like he always did.

Once I open my eyes and come back to reality, the feeling goes away, and I am left alone, sitting on the hill where I used to play.

I wipe the tears from my face and slowly walk home with a blank expression.

Once I get there, I lie in my bed, knowing another day will come when I can feel nothing but pain and grief.

I will wait to sit upon the hill where I used to play.

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