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Waging War

01/30/12 5:00AM

Noah Smith, a senior at Champlain Valley Union High School, says of his writing: "I do a lot of thinking about connections in life, and my poetry tends to be more about human nature, life and society. 'Waging War' was inspired by Robert Frost poetry, and has a little bit more of a nature setting in it. However, it doesn't stray from my style because it connects war, human emotions and a storm."


While walking by the ocean-side
I see the sea leaves the earth torn
And a thought goes through my mind
That even nature wages war
When I look up to the sky
Roiling clouds and storms are born
Lightning reflects into my eyes
The rain and hail begins to form

The rain begins to feel like nails
The world begins to look like hell
The lightning strikes in front of me
The dust rises so I can't see

The ocean roils and crashes down
Into the shores and to my feet
The ice cold water threatens to drown
The storm attempts to swallow me
But none of that matters now
At least as far as I can see
The hurricanes will come raining down
But it will never bend or break me

‘Cause I have so much more to fear
Like time that tells and pain that tears
The only force I feel tonight 
Is the war I hold inside

I wage my war in silence
The fray that redefines me
My mind's steeped in defiance
Of everything inside me
My soul steps to a cadence
Written by my memory
I've given all of my essence
To the war inside of me

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