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01/16/12 5:00AM

Jesse Brinkman, a freshman at Chelsea Public School, says the idea and emotions behind this poem came from a death in her family as she dealt with the stress of death and loss.


All you wanted to do was laugh

But you forgot how and why

The tears are gone

Black hats put away

Smeared makeup washed off

But still something's missing


You want to talk to friends

But want to be alone

You want to laugh

But you're not sure how

You want to make everything okay

But that is impossible

You want to sleep

 But your mind won't let you


So you wait

Stare at the ceiling

And cry


You don't know why

It just comes out

Everything that had built up

Everything that you wanted

Everything that you had

Everything that you lost

And everything that you miss


And when the river runs dry

You stop and fall into a place

Where no one can intrude or interrupt

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