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State of the Re:Union: Utica

02/04/12 4:00PM

A couple of decades ago, Utica, New York, was dying, by even its residents diagnosis: A popular bumper sticker in the ‘90s read, "Last One Out of Utica, Please Turn Out the Lights."

Once a bustling textile city perched on edge of the Erie Canal, Utica lost its mills in the mid-20th century, and has been losing population ever since. Something has changed in recent years, with a surprising influx of refugees to this part of snowy, cold upstate New York.

Tune in State of the Re:Union: Utica on Saturday, Feb. 4 at 4 p.m., as they visit a German singing club started in 1865 by immigrants who came to the city to work the mills, and visits the many restaurants that have become institutions.

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