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We're Meant To Be

01/09/12 5:00AM

Kyle Coburn, a sophomore at Chelsea Public School, says he started writing poetry in middle school. "At first, I wrote with no seriousness, only writing about what I thought would make people chuckle," he says. But recently, inspired by his girlfriend, poetry has become a passion for him.


Oh, how time has flown by

Since that fateful June night

I didn't know then

But my heart would soon take flight


My heart grew wings

And soon it flew

Transcended across miles

Just to love you


I fell for you so quickly

I didn't feel any change

It just felt so right

It must have been arranged


We were made for each other

Soul mates through and through

I can't think of anything better

Than living my life with you


And now here we are

It's been half of a year

And I still know nothing greater

Than claiming you as my dear

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