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Christmas Morning

12/26/11 5:00AM

Megan Nadler, an 8th grade student at Christ the King School in Rutland, says her class just started writing for Young Writers Project during this school year, and it has given her a chance to "think more about how I use description and how I include creativity in my writing."


I wake up with thoughts of joy;

It's not because of a present or toy.

I rush downstairs and what do I see?

Our beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

I wait for everyone to come down.

Mom is still wearing her slippers and nightgown.

I wait for my brother because he's always last;

I'm the one who's considered fast.

We open the presents and the paper is everywhere.

If we don't pick it up, Mom will pull out her hair!

We go to the kitchen and eat;

A person fills every seat.

Everyone is enjoying their food;

It's a festive Merry Christmas mood.

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