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The Man Who Came From Yesteryear

12/19/11 5:00AM

Olivia Q. Pintair, a sixth-grade student at Williston Central School, says writing is her passion, and she writes at school, in her room and online at youngwritersproject.org. "I write through the perspective of my characters," she says. "It's almost as if I am thinking their thoughts, feeling their heartbeats in my own chest." Olivia says her family inspires her and encourages her to write. "They mean the world to me and I hope it shows in some of my work."


You're back. Back to the time where everyone else has been forever. We have been here forever because we don't know your secrets. Time travel. You are back... but not really, because when you left, things were different.

You came from the time when life sang as loud as you did. When you could taste magic every time you caught a snowflake on the tip of your tongue. When you knew the man who lived in the next town over.

He's forgotten you now. I'm sorry.

Back to yesteryear when mythical magic was as real as you. Where believing didn't stop when you turned 10. When you noticed your own breathing. When you danced like a child even though you turned 80.

We don't do that here.

Now, life is morbid. Sad as a song that's lost its lyrics. Life keeps moving on, but maybe we should have stopped. Like you did. Maybe we should have taken the time to listen to the silent song. The song that was true.

Life. Even though we can see it, it's dead. You are alive. So teach us. Even though we might not listen.

I know that you know what's real. I know that much... Kind of. Well... no... Actually I guess I don't. Because the world doesn't live where you've just been. Now isn't even close to then. So you might as well go back. Back in time to the land we've forgotten.

The one you remember.


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