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Beautiful rainbow

12/12/11 5:00AM

Nicole Pierpont, a junior at Chelsea Public School, says her inspiration to write comes from "what I've done, seen, gained and lost. For me, I believe that no matter what you do, you can learn from it; so when I realize something about a recent event or feeling, I write it down in hopes that others will not only enjoy it, but also learn from it."


What's at the end of a beautiful rainbow?

Could there be a friend or maybe a foe?

Could there be a huge pot of gold,

or simply the colors lined up in a row?

Perhaps there is a beautiful meadow,

filled with flowers, the more the better... No?

For you, then, maybe, your one true desire,

or a love in your heart that burns like a fire.

Could it be a dream to forever be free?

Is that the end of a rainbow that you see?

However, my heart does not desire a dream or a lover,

My heart would hope to see my dear, loving father.

Maybe at the end of a rainbow there he will be,

So happy, so happy to see me.

I would wish not to see this rainbow alone,

I would love for my family to come along.

Everyone, my brothers and sisters, both young and old,

to see my dad at the end of a beautiful rainbow.

So ask yourself now, what do you want?

Is it happiness in the form of gold in a pot?

Or do you desire something more simple?

But know in your heart that you are not able,

to make this simple dream come true?

No matter how badly you want it to...

But how many of us really know

what is at the end of a beautiful rainbow?

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