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"Utah" Phillips Lives!

12/04/11 1:00PM

A special preview of an upcoming tribute to Bruce "Utah" Phillips, one of the late, great shining acoustic music stars who got his start at Philo Records in North Ferrisburg, VT, three concerts by Nowell Sing We Clear in the VPR listening area this week, Jelly Roll Morton, and much more!



The Faded Roses Of December
Artist Name: Finest Kind
CD/Album: Lost In A Song
Record co./Cat #: Fallen Angle 2


Daddy, What's A Train?
Artist Name: Utah Phillips
CD/Album: Good Though!
Record co./Cat #: Philo 1004


Rusted Rails
Artist Name: Rik Palieri
CD/Album: Hobos & Heros
Record co./Cat #: Laura 2002
Note: 12/7 - 8 PM - North End Studios, Burlington, Vt


Eddy's Song
Artist Name: Paul Rasmussen
CD/Album: Long Gone
Record co./Cat #: Waterbug 96
Note: 1/27 - 8 PM - North End Studios, Burlington, Vt 12/9 - Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY


Out The Fire
Artist Name: Lord Invader
CD/Album: Calypso In New York
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40454


Carlton Peeping At Me
Artist Name: Mighty Sparrow
CD/Album: First Flight
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40534


Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
Artist Name: Harry Belafonte
CD/Album: Sing Your Song
Record co./Cat #: Masterworks 93951


Fore Day Creep
Artist Name: Brownie McGhee
CD/Album: The Folkways Years
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40034


Winin' Boy
Artist Name: Dave Van Ronk
CD/Album: The Folkways Years
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 400041


Baby Please Come Back Home
Artist Name: Dave Keller
CD/Album: Where I'm Coming From
Record co./Cat #: Tastee Tone 3039
Note: 12/10 - 7:30 PM - Burnham Hall, Lincoln, Vt


I've Been Your Doggie Since I Been Your Man
Artist Name: Sonny Terry
CD/Album: The Folkways Years
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40033


Artist Name: Nowell Sing We Clear
CD/Album: Just Say Nowell
Record co./Cat #: Golden Hind 105
Note: 12/9 - 8 PM - Community Church, Dublin, NH 12/10 - 3 PM - St John's Luthern Church, Altamont, NY 12/11 - 4 PM - UU Church, Burlington, Vt


Arkansas Sheik
Artist Name: The Sweetback Sisters
CD/Album: Bang
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/10 - 7:30 PM - Next Stage, Putney, Vt


Waltzing Down The Aisle
Artist Name: Cherish The Ladies
CD/Album: The Nashville Sessions
Record co./Cat #: Big Mammy 6
Note: 12/7 - 7:30 PM - Flynn Theater, Burlington, Vt


Rise Up Jock!
Artist Name: Sing We Clear
CD/Album: The Best Of
Record co./Cat #: Front Hall 301


Winter's Come Again
Artist Name: Bread & Bones
CD/Album: Live VPR
Record co./Cat #: VPR Production


La Belle Helene
Artist Name: Va-Et-Vient
CD/Album: Porte Ouverte
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Rame, Rame, Rame
Artist Name: Michele Choiniere
CD/Album: La Violette
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/10 - Salle Alec Et Gerard Pelletier, Sutton, QC


That's What Your Love Does To Me
Artist Name: Jeannie Kendall
CD/Album: Jeannie Kendall
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 11661


Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
Artist Name: Bluegrass Gospel Project
CD/Album: The Blue Morpho
Record co./Cat #: Vital 505
Note: 12/10 - 7:30 PM - Vergennes Opera House, Vergennes, Vt


Waitin' Out The Storm
Artist Name: Kate MacKenzie
CD/Album: Let Them Talk
Record co./Cat #: Red House 66


Down Side
Artist Name: Blowzabella
CD/Album: Vanilla
Record co./Cat #: Green Linnet 3050


The Miller's Boy Bridal Tune
Artist Name: Annbjorg Lien
CD/Album: Wizard Women Of The North
Record co./Cat #: Northside 6033


Heiemo Og Nykkjen
Artist Name: Kristen Braten-Berg
CD/Album: Global Divas
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 5062


Ballad Of Abraham
Artist Name: Josh Brooks
CD/Album: I Have Tried To Run
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/14 - 8 PM - The Antidote, Vergennes, Vt


Voices In The Hills
Artist Name: Marty Morrissey & Robert Resnik
CD/Album: Vermont Songs
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


One With The Land
Artist Name: Dick McCormack
CD/Album: Stone Walls
Record co./Cat #: Zoemi 2002


Where Shall I Fly?
Artist Name: Pete Sutherland
CD/Album: A Clayfoot's Tale
Record co./Cat #: Epact 105


Oh, What A beautiful City
Artist Name: Pete Seeger
CD/Album: American Favorite Ballads
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40151


Rich Girl, Poor Boy
Artist Name: Flat Top Trio
CD/Album: Demo
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/10 - 7:30 PM - The Music Box, Craftsbury, Vt


Artist Name: June Tabor & Martin Simpson
CD/Album: A Cut Above
Record co./Cat #: Topic 410


Smoke & Ashes
Artist Name: Bella Hardy
CD/Album: In The Shadow Of Mountains
Record co./Cat #: Noe 2


Two Year Winter
Artist Name: Bill Jones
CD/Album: Two Year Winter
Record co./Cat #: Compass 74366


Winter Song
Artist Name: Emily Smith
CD/Album: Too Long Away
Record co./Cat #: Spit & Polish 35


Shadow Town
Artist Name: Jeremy Harple
CD/Album: Demo
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/8 - 8 PM - Skinny Pancake, Burlington, Vt


Bedford Harbor
Artist Name: Mike Lussen with Wood's Tea Co.
CD/Album: This Side Of The Sea
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/11 - 10-2 PM - Mike will be playing with Woodchuck's Revenge at the Indoor Farmers' Market, Kitchen Store, Dorset, Vt


Sir Richard's Song
Artist Name: Peter Bellamy
CD/Album: Oak, Ash & Thorn
Record co./Cat #: Talking Elephant 174


Doctor Jazz
Artist Name: Jelly Roll Morton
CD/Album: Birth Of The Hot
Record co./Cat #: Bluebird 7863


Ice Cream
Artist Name: Onion River Jazz Band
CD/Album: Red Hot!
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Original Colossal Drag Rag
Artist Name: The Even Dozen Jug Band
CD/Album: The Even Dozen Jug Band
Record co./Cat #: Collections 263


Crow River Waltz
Artist Name: Leo Kottke
CD/Album: 6 & 12 String Guitar
Record co./Cat #: Takoma 6503
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