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Ben & Jerry Target "Corporate Personhood"

11/28/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Nick Wass/AP Images
Ben Cohen, left, and Jerry Greenfield speak at a January 2011 press conference to form Business for Democracy, which opposes unlimited corporate spending in public elections.

Ben & Jerry are synonymous with ice cream, but they have also been long-time advocates for social change. Now, the founders of the Ben & Jerry's premium ice cream brand are setting their sights on corporate America, by backing a constitutional amendment to ban "corporate personhood." The effort stems from the Citizens United Supreme Court case which ruled that corporations have rights similar to individuals, including free speech rights that extend to financial support for political campaigns.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield join us to discuss their effort to undo the legal precedent of corporate personhood. We also talk with David Cobb of Move To Amend and Jennifer Taub of Vermont Law School about how corporate personhood works.

Also in the program, state leaders announced a plan just before Thanksgiving to help towns that are having cash flow problems because of property damage from Tropical Storm Irene. We talk with Steve Jeffrey of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns about a package of measures relating to education property tax payments and road rebuilding.


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