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Waves of Red, Gold and Orange

11/21/11 5:00AM

Matt Skelly, a 7th grade student at Crossett Brook Middle School, says he has lived in Waterbury for all of his 12 years in a former farmhouse overlooking the town pool and recreational fields. His poem reflects some of his interests in Vermont, including skiing at Bolton Valley and sledding on nearby hills. Matt says he likes to write fiction, and just this year became interested in writing poetry because of his language arts teacher Betsy Unger, who specializes in poetry.


Living in Vermont
means flying through
the snowy woods
on skis,
sledding down
a blank sheet of white
on a cold winter day,
looks of happiness
at the melting snow
in April.
It means feeling
the warmth
of hot maple syrup
flow through your mouth,
inhaling the reviving
fresh spring air,
lying in great expanses
of rippling green grass.
It means sleeping
under bright shimmering
crystal-like stars,
gliding through crisp
and cool waters,
hearing the blackbirds
and robins call
on a long
summer's day.
It means indulging
in sweet
Ben and Jerry's
ice cream,
mounting the great
Green Mountains,
gazing upon waves
of red, gold and orange.

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