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Congressman Peter Welch

11/18/11 12:00PM By Bob Kinzel
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AP/Toby Talbot
Congressman Peter Welch has called for a combination of new revenues and reforming entitlement programs to cut the deficit.
The Congressional super committee on deficit reduction faces a deadline next week to reach an agreement on a plan. Congressman Peter Welch has encouraged the committee to adopt a big package of new tax revenues and reforms to entitlement programs, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

We talk with the Congressman about his ideas of reducing the deficit as well as balancing the federal budget, disaster assistance for Vermont and the health care plan.

Also in the program, VPR's Ross Sneyd provides analysis of the Burlington mayoral race, state revenues and the future of the Waterbury state office complex.

And we listen back to the voices in the news this week.


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