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The Hidden World Of Girls: Part Two

11/25/11 7:00PM

PRX/Shadi Ghadirian
In the second part of The Hidden World of Girls, host Tina Fey brings us more stories of girls coming of age and women who blazed a trail and changed the tide.

As part of this international collaboration, The Kitchen Sisters opened up The Hidden World of Girls NPR phone line and invited listeners to share their stories of groundbreaking girls and pioneering women. Calls poured in from around the world and these stories and messages thread throughout the hours.

Stories in this hour include: Horses, Unicorns and Dolphins—a story of girlhood fantasy and aspiration; The Hidden World of Kandahar Girls—girls and young women going to school, working towards careers, standing up to the threats of the Taliban; and The Hidden World of Jamaican Girls where homegrown cosmetic treatments and changing ideals of beauty are part of a national debate.

Major Funding for The Hidden World of Girls comes from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes a great nation deserves great art. And from listener contributions to The Kitchen Sisters Productions.

Learn about the first part of The Hidden World of Girls.

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