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BirdNote: Ivory Gulls

11/26/11 8:57AM
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The Ivory Gull

BirdNote is a new weekly feature on VPR.  We'll learn about birds from around the world and hear their songs.  Listen at 8:57 on Saturday mornings.

Polar Bears symbolize the icy landscapes of the far north like no other animal. The bear’s way of life is inseparable from the Arctic pack-ice. Less familiar is a remarkable bird that shares with the Polar Bear this vital link to ice: this Ivory Gull.

The gulls feed on small fish and other marine life, but also scavenge carcasses, including those left by Polar Bears. Global warming has brought increasing change to the world of ice-dependent species such as the Ivory Gull and Polar Bear. Learn more at ABCBirds.org.


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