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Sky Waystation

11/14/11 5:00AM

Molly Wight, a freshman at Rutland High School, says she wrote this poem in response to a writing prompt at her school, "Over 9,000." Molly pictured a sky waystation at over 9,000 feet, a floating island shrouded in clouds and managed by angels. "The poem has a slightly fantastical setting in a world where the Earth is a mess and nearly uninhabitable," she says. "The waystation is a stop between several habitable areas and ... the feather beds are made from the molted feathers of the visitors and caretakers."  Molly says she loves to write, especially poetry, to send a little magic into the world. She also enjoys reading poetry and one of her favorite poets is Robert Service. 


Over 9,000 feet in the air

A floating aerie rises

A resting place for passersby

Above the squalid Earth

With beds of feathers

And silken halls

Lounging on a cloud

A perfect place

To close the eyes

And tuck those weary wings

Before they're off again

At the crack of dawn

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