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Smith: New Song Needed

11/09/11 5:55PM By Mike Smith
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(Host) In addition to his former work in state government and his most recent position with Fairpoint Communications, commentator Mike Smith is interested in resources for active seniors. And when music legend Paul McCartney made headlines last month by getting married for the third time, he found himself wishing the former Beatle would once again turn his attention to composing music.

(Smith) Recently, I met a man who was downsizing his life and feeling very emotional about it. In the vanguard of the baby-boomers, he’s an original Beatles fan, one of those who are now beginning to experience the loss of friends and spouses. Their independence is waning as they now become more and more dependent on others to help them live their daily lives. Their memories are lost as their minds fade, and places and things that hold those memories are sold or abandoned.

They don’t need nostalgia - they don’t need to hearken back to the good-old-days of the Beatles or Wings. They were there, they lived it. Now they need something new.

Fans need McCartney to once again help them confront struggle and hardship; to rekindle the aching pain of love found, and love lost; to look into the future and offer comfort about endings and the possibility of new beginnings all in the same breath, in a way that speaks to both the old and the young alike. It’s a huge task, but he’s done it before.

“Let It Be” is soothing to the spirit; “Yesterday” recalls the past with deceptively simple lyrics; while “The Long and Winding Road” is a more complicated song that combines past trials with future expectations. These were all hits in their day and remain popular. But a new song with all the qualities of these classics would surely be a hit too.

McCartney would be the ideal artist to express something that would - through song - comfort the man I met, and the many others that are like him.

No one begrudges the lifestyle McCartney has earned: gobs of money; another loving partner; and continued world fame even as he enters - hard to believe - the latter stages of his own life.

But whether he knows it or not, we need him to write one more fantastic and glorious hit that can speak directly to all of us - both original fans and the younger generation as well – since they, too, need reassurance that things can work out in a world that’s increasingly filled with uncertainty.

No doubt, if McCartney never did anything else he would still go down in history as one of the greatest musical artists, ever. He has given us much and owes us nothing. But fame is a funny thing - it fades quickly, especially after you’re gone. Ask the younger generation who Frank Sinatra is – or Nat King Cole - and you’ll most likely get a blank look. Maybe a few more know who Elvis was, but not many.

What does last is art that speaks across generations. McCartney has done it before, and we need him to do it again. So here’s hoping Sir Paul has at least one more song for us. We need it!
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