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50 Hillbillies In A Haunted House !

10/30/11 1:00PM

Songs for Halloween, and music by an amazing number and variety of artists who will be performing in the VPR listening area over the next 7 days !



This Land Is Your Land
Artist Name: John McCutcheon
CD/Album: This Land! Woody Guthrie's America
Record co./Cat #: AppalSongs 2011


I Am Stretched On Your Grave
Artist Name: The Voice Squad
CD/Album: Holly Wood
Record co./Cat #: Tara 4013


Barbara Allen
Artist Name: Tony Barrand & Keith Murphy
CD/Album: On The Banks Of Coldbrooj
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/6 - 3 PM - Brattleboro Music Center, Brattleborro, Vt


I Am Stretched On Your Grave (Apple Brightness Mix)
Artist Name: Sinead O'Connor
CD/Album: I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
Record co./Cat #: Capitol EP Demo


My Home Is Vermont
Artist Name: Marty Morrissey & Robert Resnik
CD/Album: Vermont Songs
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Spirit Of Vermont
Artist Name: Barn Band
CD/Album: Demo
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Land Withheld
Artist Name: Dick McCormack
CD/Album: Stone Walls
Record co./Cat #: Zoemi 2002


Lay Me Down In Lamoille County
Artist Name: John Nutting
CD/Album: Songs Of Lamoille County
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Sweet Old World
Artist Name: Lucinda Williams
CD/Album: Sweet Old World
Record co./Cat #: Elektra 61351
Note: 11/2 - 7:30 PM - Flynn Theater, Burlington, Vt


It Must Be Love
Artist Name: Joan Crane
CD/Album: Foothills
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/4 - Palmer Street Coffehouse, Plattsburgh, NY


Carved In Stone
Artist Name: Bluegrass Gospel Project
CD/Album: The Blue Morpho
Record co./Cat #: Vital 505
Note: 11/4 - 7:30 PM - Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon, NH 11/5 - 7:30 PM - First Congregational Church, Burlington, Vt


Artist Name: They Might Be Gypsies
CD/Album: They Might Be Giants
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/4 - 7:30 PM - Chandler Music Hall Gallery, Randolph, Vt


Emerald Swing
Artist Name: Sultans Of String
CD/Album: Move
Record co./Cat #: McKool 2050
Note: 11/6 - 7 PM - Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY


Chief Of O'Neill's Hornpipe
Artist Name: David Surette
CD/Album: The Green Mandolin
Record co./Cat #: Mandrina 205
Note: 11/5 - 7:30 PM - Lebanon NH Cogregational Church, Lebanon, NH


Dreams Of Nectar
Artist Name: Abigail Washburn
CD/Album: City Of Refuge
Record co./Cat #: Foreign Children 15465
Note: 11/3 - Metronome, Burlington, Vt


Death Have Mercy
Artist Name: Harry Manx
CD/Album: Wise & Otherwise
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/4 - 7:30 PM - UVM Recital Hall, Burlington, Vt


Shine On
Artist Name: Phil Singer
CD/Album: Singer
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/9 - 7 - 10PM - Salt Hill Pub, Lebanon, NH


Hillbillies In A Haunted House
Artist Name: Austin Lounge Lizards
CD/Album: Never An Adult Moment
Record co./Cat #: Sugar Hill 3918


Mallon's Bridge
Artist Name: Mustard's Retreat
CD/Album: Back To Back
Record co./Cat #: Red House 72


I Have Tried To Run
Artist Name: Josh Brooks
CD/Album: I Have Tried To Run
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/4 - 7 PM - Brown Dog Books & Gifts, Hinesburg, Vt


Rantin' Rovin' Robin
Artist Name: Alan Reid
CD/Album: The Sunlit Eye
Record co./Cat #: Temple 2072
Note: 11/4 - 7:30 PM - House Concert - 1060 Bent Hill Rd., Braintree, Vt 802-728-6351


The Pipe On The Hob
Artist Name: Bua
CD/Album: An Spealadoir
Record co./Cat #: Mad River 1016
Note: 11/4 - 8 PM - 37 South Main St, Voorheesville, NY


Waltz At The Edge Of The World
Artist Name: Blackbird
CD/Album: Good Morning, Good Night!
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/6 - 7 PM - Canoe Club, Hanover, NH


An Spealadoir
Artist Name: Bua
CD/Album: An Spealadoir
Record co./Cat #: Mad River


Artist Name: Viva Quetzal
CD/Album: Hijos Del Sol
Record co./Cat #: Signature Sounds 1245
Note: 11/4 - 7 PM - UU Fellowship Meeting House, Bennington, Vt


El Condor Pasa
Artist Name: Simon & Garfunkel & Los Incas
CD/Album: The Best Of
Record co./Cat #: Legacy 66022


A Song To Sing
Artist Name: Social Band
CD/Album: Deep Midwinter
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/5 - 7:30 pm - Richmond Library, Richmond, Vt 11/6 - 4 PM - Congregational Church, Charlotte, Vt


Artist Name: Jeremiah McLane & Ruthie Dornfeld
CD/Album: Hummingbird
Record co./Cat #: Epact 107
Note: 11/4 - 7:30 PM - Jeremiah & Annemieke Spoesltra McCarthy Arts Center, St Michaels, Colchester, Vt 11/5 - 6-9 PM - Weatherwatch Farm, Saranac, NY 11/6 - 4 PM - Richmond Free Library, Richmond, Vt


Sweet Is The Melody
Artist Name: Iris DeMent
CD/Album: My Life
Record co./Cat #: Warner 45493


Artist Name: Gillian Welch
CD/Album: The Harrow & The Harvest
Record co./Cat #: Acony 1109


Something Crossed Over
Artist Name: Diana Jones
CD/Album: Better Times Will Come
Record co./Cat #: Proper America 8


Moxie & Gin
Artist Name: Tim McKenzie & Pine Island
CD/Album: Pine Island Circa 1978
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/5 - 7:30 PM - Studio Three, South Burlington, Vt


My Old Heart
Artist Name: Phil Henry
CD/Album: Robots & Romance
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 11/5 - 7:30 PM - Ripton Community Coffee House, Ripton, Vt 802-388-9782


North Along The River
Artist Name: Bread & Bones
CD/Album: Could Have Been A Dream
Record co./Cat #: Riptone 3
Note: 11/6 - 2-4 PM - Brandon Music, Brandon, Vt


I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Artist Name: Dr John
CD/Album: The Ultimate
Record co./Cat #: Warner Special 27612


Spread Joy All Over This Land
Artist Name: Patti Casey
CD/Album: Vermont Artist For Vt Relief
Record co./Cat #: Mallets Bay 2011


Cryin' Kind
Artist Name: Amber DeLaurentis
CD/Album: Vermont Artist For Vt Relief
Record co./Cat #: Mallets Bay 2011


Time To Go
Artist Name: Erin Mc Dermott
CD/Album: Vermont Artist For Vt Relief
Record co./Cat #: Mallets Bay 2011


Here And Heaven
Artist Name: Ma,Duncan,Meyer & Thile
CD/Album: The Goat Rodeo Sessions
Record co./Cat #: Sony 84118


Broomfield Hill
Artist Name: Bellowhead
CD/Album: Hedonism
Record co./Cat #: Navigatior 42


The Lovers' Waltz
Artist Name: Jay Unger & Molly Mason
CD/Album: The Lovers' Waltz
Record co./Cat #: Angel 55561
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