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Not the Hero Anymore

10/24/11 5:00AM

Julia Anderson, an 8th grader at Hartford Memorial Middle School, says she wrote this poem about people's roles changing through life and not always being able to be in control. "I wrote this when I didn't feel like 'that girl who always has the answer,'" she says. "I was letting down my guard and looking to other people for the answer, and that inspired this poem."


When I was a little girl,

I always wanted to be the super hero.

I never would have guessed I'd need somebody else to see tomorrow.

I dreamed of flying, and now I'm falling.

I'm not fighting, I'm just running.

And I need saving, oh saving I need.

I'd rather be the fire-breathing dragon than a damsel in distress.

A demi-god or a wizard kid, not an enchanted sleeping beauty at best.

I'm Arial with an amputated tail.

I'm Cinderella with glad force-flex not a pail.

And I need saving oh saving I need.

I always claimed I'd know better than to eat the dang apple.

I never would've guessed I'd be the one on the floor having a seizure.

I said screw the charming, I don't need a prince.

I said screw the armor, I made that knight wince!

But I need saving, oh saving I need.

Because reality ain't no fairy tale.

And in reality I'm weak.

I'm the one that needs saving.

Even though I stand like Hercules , inside I'm just Persephone.

I'm Fiona, I'm Meg, I'm Rapunzel, I'm Juliet.

I can't ride away into my metaphorical sunset,

 ‘cause right now it's invisible.

In fact, I'm delusional.

I can't open my eyes,

undo the spell,

escape the tower

‘cause I need saving oh saving I need.

And heck who knew I'd ever meet the most perfect, charming, prince for me.

And who'd have ever guessed you'd be, the shining knight to set me free?

And if the villains tried to flee,

you'd capture them and then you'd lead,

kingdom and queen, onward on to victory.

Because you are strong.

I am weak.

I love you.

You're saving me.

And you're starting to make me see,

It's not so bad to need a super hero.

It's lots of fun to be a zero, when your Romeo is a ten.

So protect me from the dangers near.

Hold me close so I need not fear.

The clang of your sword for all to hear.

For you my king, my HERO are dear.

Without you I have no strength to move on.

And falling in love didn't take very long.

'Cause I need saving and you're saving me.

Jeesh, I always thought I'd be

the hero.

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