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Where The Money Is And Where It's Going, Post-Irene

09/29/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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VPR/Samantha Fields
Across the state, many homeowners are waiting for funds from FEMA. In Plymouth, Susan Mordecai put this sign up in front of her destroyed home.

Millions of dollars have been donated so far for Irene relief. The Phish benefit concert alone raised $1.2 million. The newly-established Vermont Long-term Disaster Recovery Fund already has $1.3 million. And there are a number of other funds that have been set up to help individuals, businesses and farmers dealing with serious storm damage.

VPR/Samantha Fields
In hard-hit towns across Vermont, many of those helping others recover, like Jill Davies in Plymouth, are getting their paperwork in order to register with FEMA.

We'll look at what's happening to all that money that's been donated for disaster relief, from how funds are established and administered, to how eligibility is determined, and the timeline for applying for and receiving aid with David Coates, the newly-appointed chair of the Vermont Long-term Disaster Recovery Fund, and Stuart Comstock-Gay, president of the Vermont Community Foundation.

Also on the program, we talk to Vermont's new Poet Laureate: Newbury writer Sydney Lea.  Lea has been described as "a man in the woods with his head full of books and a man in books with his head full of woods." We find out what he thinks of his new position and how he plans to use it to promote poetry around the state, including visiting as many community libraries as will have him! Lea's latest collection of poems, from Four Way Books, is called Young of the Year.


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