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Irene Puts Schools To The Test

09/13/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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VPR/Patti Daniels
Moretown Elementary students spent last week taking field trips. This week they're attending classes in tents on the school's recreation field.
Summer ended later for some students in Vermont as their schools were unable to open because of Tropical Storm Irene. Now, with all of Vermont's schools back in session, we look at some of the challenges schools  have had to overcome to get children back in the classroom.

Principals Dorinne Dorfman (Leland & Gray Union), Duane Pierson (Moretown Elementary) and Karen Prescott (Barstow Elementary) explain what it took to get their schools open and the students to school in the wake of Irene. They also discuss how the schools have helped their kids cope with loss after the storm.

Post what has happened in your town's school below or email your questions or comments to Vermontedition@vpr.net.

Plus, Mark Ames of the Vermont Recovery Network provides a look at new approaches to recovery and support for those battling drug and alcohol addiction.


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