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In The Wake Of Irene, Rivers Cut New Paths Through Vermont

09/07/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Headed south on Route 100 from Middlesex.
When all of Irene's rain poured into rivers across the state, many surged over their banks, inundating towns and farmland. And some even changed course, and cut new paths through roads and backyards. We talk to Mike Kline, the State Rivers Program Manager at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, and State Geologist Larry Becker, about the geology of the rivers and the lasting impact of this historic storm on the state's landscape. We'll also explore what recourse - if any - property owners might have if they now have a river running through their land.

Also on the program, Senator Patrick Leahy was in Vermont last week, touring damaged areas by helicopter and talking with people in heavily damaged towns. He joins us from Washington, where he's now working on getting federal aid dollars to flood victims in Vermont and other areas hit hard by Irene.

And as part of our series on how 9/11 has affected us, VPR's Steve Zind reports on the changing role of the National Guard.


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