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08/22/11 5:00AM

Braeden Hughes, an incoming junior at Mount Mansfield Union High School, says that while writing this piece she was thinking about the universal emotions surrounding friendship, as well as an old friend of her own.

My friend, remember the days when we traveled between stars

and fought for the purest morals in the Universe.

Feel the clash of light in the air,

the whir of a blade

that ripples like power.


Our friendship, our learning:

time means nothing,

and yet it has been far too long.

Once again, we'll stand together

and fight for those we love

[with every fiber of our beings. ]


And we'll build that house someday,

all of us will,

and it will be a beacon of every kind

for those who know

where to look.


Their eyes - bright and deep -

will flutter like moths around the moon

that hangs above the door.

Let's remember together,

pull our pasts into one

and find what beauty we can here.


I have missed you.

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