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Communities Coping With Violence

08/17/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Jane Lindholm
The Brattleboro area has recently seen two murders and a bank robbery in two weeks. So how does a string of violent activity impact a community?

Cathleen Wilson, executive director of the Women's Rape Crisis Center, and author and writer-in-residence at Castleton State College Ron Powers look at the effect violent crime has on rural communities and how small towns and villages can rebound and rebuild the trust among its residents.

Also in the program, dairy farmers are deciding whether to accept money from a class action lawsuit over dairy prices. As the August 23 deadline draws near, we talk with Deputy Agriculture Secretary Diane Bothfeld about why the decision to take the settlement money is a difficult one, and how the settlement may change the way dairy co-ops and milk pricing are structured in the northeast.

And we head back to summer school for a lesson in mixing a refreshing seasonal cocktail. The staff at Claire's Restaurant in Hardwick explain how to mix up a bright magenta Dunc's Fizz, made of elderflower rum, berries and soda water and mint -- all procured locally.

Dunc's Fizz

- 1.5 oz Dunc's Elderflower Rum

- handful of muddled berries, in this recipe black and red raspberries

- Seltzer

- Splash of fresh lemon juice

- Mint sprig

Muddle berries in a 20 oz. cocktail shaker. Use a jigger to measure 1.5 oz of Dunc's Elderflower Rum and a splash of lemon juice and add it to the shaker. Fill with ice and shake. Strain the ice from the cocktail mixture. If desired, strain the seeds from the cocktail mixture using a fine mesh sieve. Pour cocktail mixture into an ice-filled Collins glass, and top with seltzer water. Garnish with mint.



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