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Apple Tree

07/18/11 5:00AM
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Izziey Woodward, a senior at Enosburg Falls High School, finds inspiration in the writing of Lewis Carol. In this unsuspecting acrostic poem, Woodward writes about a friend who is far away at the peak of summer. For more great student writing go to youngwritersproject.org


It was a
Warm summer day. Not those days that
Are unbearably hot, but
Simply a lovely temperature. I had
Gotten a frozen smoothie,
Orange flavoured.
I was sitting against a tree trunk,
Not having a care in the world. I heard a
Gong ring in
The distance, and
Of course it made
Me think of you.
Already I missed you, and I
Knew you would be back in two weeks, but
Even one day without you was
Too long. I
Hadn't written you any letters yet, and
I was terribly
Sorry. I wished I could
Say that everything was fine, and that
All was well, but that would have been a lie, and
You know
I could never
Lie to you.
Out of all the days you could have been gone, that was the
Very worst.
Even the cats missed
You. Yes, the weather
Outside was perfect, and I seemed fine, but
Underneath I was falling apart, just
Because what was the
Use of a beautiful day
That you weren't there
To appreciate with me?
How could I enjoy sitting under this
Tree alone?
I heard the
Singing. I climbed the tree and settled
On a branch, sprawled
Up there with the leaves and sap, at home in
Nature. I liked it up there, completely hidden from the
Outside world. I could pretend I was
Really Harriet the Spy. Do you remember how
I used to love that book so much?
Growing up,
I carried a
Notebook with me everywhere so I could be just like her. I
Almost wrote Secret Journal on the front, but that was so unoriginal. I wrote I
Love you on it instead.

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