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Save the Bones for Henry Jones !

07/17/11 1:00PM

Another impressive local bluegrass festival, some French cabaret musique, and Celtic love songs too !


Ou T'en Vas -Tu
Artist Name: Gilles Chabenat
CD/Album: De L'eau Et Des Amandes
Record co./Cat #: Silex 225060


Roll To The River
Artist Name: Cindy Kallet
CD/Album: Working On Wings To Fly
Record co./Cat #: Folk Legacy 83


My Girl's Waiting For Me
Artist Name: Tim O'Brien
CD/Album: Chicken & Egg
Record co./Cat #: Howdy Skies 1005


Way Over Yonder In A Minor Key
Artist Name: Billy Bragg
CD/Album: Mermaid Avenue
Record co./Cat #: Elektra 62204


A Few Old Memories
Artist Name: Hazel Dickens & Russ Barenberg
CD/Album: A Few Old Memories
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 11529
Note: 7/24 - House Concert, Pepperbox Studio, Chelsea, Vt 802-685-4304


Big Bill Blues
Artist Name: Big Bill Broonzy
CD/Album: Big Bill Broonzy
Record co./Cat #: Vogue 600041


Bad Dream Blues
Artist Name: Paul Geremia
CD/Album: Love, Murder & Mosquitos
Record co./Cat #: Red House 172
Note: 7/22 - 8 PM - Caffee Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY


I Am A Pilgrim
Artist Name: Bluegrass Gospel Project
CD/Album: The Blue Morpho
Record co./Cat #: Vital 1009
Note: 7/22-23 - Summergrass @Six, Pomfret, Vt


Ridin' That Midnight Train
Artist Name: Ricky Skaggs
CD/Album: Bluegrass Rules!
Record co./Cat #: Skaggs Family 801
Note: 7/22-23 - Summergrass @Six, Pomfret, Vt


Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight
Artist Name: Peter Rowan
CD/Album: The First Whippoorwill
Record co./Cat #: Sugar Hill 3749
Note: 7/22-23 - Summergrass @Six, Pomfret, Vt


Easy Come, Easy Go
Artist Name: Sierra Hull
CD/Album: Datbreak
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 658
Note: 7/22-23 - Summergrass @Six, Pomfret, Vt


Tchavolo Swing
Artist Name: Swing Noire
CD/Album: Swing Noire
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7/23 - 7 PM - Music Caffe, Brandon, Vt


It's Mint, My Friend!
Artist Name: Bluestory
CD/Album: Bluestory & The New Blue
Record co./Cat #: Paris Jazz Corner 1


Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
Artist Name: R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders
CD/Album: Chasin' Rainbows
Record co./Cat #: Shanachie 6002


La Grand Truanderie, Ballade
Artist Name: Dominique Cravic & Les Primitifs Du Futur
CD/Album: Tribal Musette
Record co./Cat #: Sunnyside 3078


Save The Bones For Henry Jones
Artist Name: Mark Tolstrup
CD/Album: The Back Roads Of America
Record co./Cat #: RootBlues 701


Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Artist Name: Maple Leaf Seven
CD/Album: Tappin' Time
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Memphis Blues
Artist Name: Lucinda Williams
CD/Album: Sweet Old World
Record co./Cat #: Chameleon 6135


Save The Bones For Henry Jones
Artist Name: Dr John
CD/Album: Mercernary
Record co./Cat #: Blue Note 54541


C'est Le Matin
Artist Name: Evelyne Gerardon
CD/Album: La Fontaine Troublee
Record co./Cat #: Compagnie Beline 35811


Artist Name: Michele Choiniere
CD/Album: La Violette
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7/20 - 6:30 PM - Town Park, Middlesex, Vt


La Mer
Artist Name: Deja-Nous
CD/Album: Fun, Fun, Fun!
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7/24 - 7 PM - Big Picture Theater, Waitsfield, Vt


La-Bas Dans La Prairie
Artist Name: La Chavannee
CD/Album: Cotillon
Record co./Cat #: AMTA 225203


La Bonne Vie
Artist Name: Boreal Tordu
CD/Album: La Bonne Vie
Record co./Cat #: Brick House 5
Note: 7/23 - 8 PM - Caffee lena, Saratoga Springs, NY


Spaghetti No More
Artist Name: Alan Greenleaf
CD/Album: Songs From Lost Mountain
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7/24 - 10 - 2PM - Farmers Market, Littleton, NH


Born To Be
Artist Name: Bow Thayer
CD/Album: Shooting Arrows At The Moon
Record co./Cat #: Thunder Ridge 2009
Note: 7/23 - Black Door, Montpelier, Vt


Old Man
Artist Name: The Wailin' Jennys
CD/Album: 40 Days
Record co./Cat #: Red House 177
Note: 7/27 - 7:30 PM - Higher Ground, South Burlington, Vt


Assalam Felawan
Artist Name: Bombino
CD/Album: Gadez
Record co./Cat #: Cumbancha 20
Note: 7/22 - 8 PM - Higher Ground, South Burlington, Vt


Artist Name: Tinariwen
CD/Album: Water Is Life
Record co./Cat #: World Village 468067


Billy Gray
Artist Name: Norman Blake
CD/Album: Old Ties
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 11583


Rocking The Babies To Sleep
Artist Name: Alan Jabbour
CD/Album: Southern Summits
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Sugar Baby
Artist Name: Dock Boggs
CD/Album: His Folkways Years 1963-1968
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 4018


Sally's Upstairs
Artist Name: Howie Bursen
CD/Album: Banjo Manikin
Record co./Cat #: Folk Legacy 130


Same Old Man
Artist Name: John Specker
CD/Album: Old Bunch Of Keys
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Whistle Me Dixie
Artist Name: Rebecca Padula
CD/Album: Fire & Water
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7/20 - Hinesburg Summer Concert Series, Hinesburg, Vt 7/22 - 4-7PM - Bread & Butter Farm, Shelburne, Vt


Rusted Rails
Artist Name: Rik Palieri
CD/Album: Hobos & Heros
Record co./Cat #: Laura 2002
Note: 7/20 - Hinesburg Summer Concert Series, Hinesburg, Vt 7/22 - 4-7PM - Bread & Butter Farm, Shelburne, Vt


Marie Archambault & Me
Artist Name: Al Davis & The Dazzlers
CD/Album: Sun Off Snow
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Back When The Old Folks Were Young
Artist Name: Banjo Dan & The Mid-Nite Plowboys
CD/Album: Some Rusr…Runs Good
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7?24 - 1 PM - Lamoille County Field Days, Johnson, Vt 7/24 - 7 PM - Municipal Park, Highgate Cernter, Vt


Love Train
Artist Name: Lewis Franco
CD/Album: Your Own True Song
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7/24 - 11-1PM -Bagitos, Montpeilier, Vt


That's How Strong My Love Is
Artist Name: Battlefield Band
CD/Album: Line-Up
Record co./Cat #: Temple 2104


A Red, Red Rose
Artist Name: Andy M Stewart
CD/Album: Songs Of Robert Burns
Record co./Cat #: Green Linnit 3059


One, I Love
Artist Name: Karen Casey
CD/Album: Songlines
Record co./Cat #: Shanachie 78007


Crossing The Shannon
Artist Name: The Press Gang
CD/Album: The Press Gang
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Here I Am
Artist Name: Dave Keller
CD/Album: Play For Love
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 7/21-12 PM - Christ Church Pocket Park, Montpelier, Vt 7/21- 5:30-7 PM - NCCCA Arts Center, Plattsburgh, NY 7/23 - 11AM - Fresh Tracks Winery Summer Fest, Berlin, Vt
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