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Wet Fields, Late Planting, Frustrated Farmers

06/09/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP Photo/Toby Talbot
A corn field is flooded in May at the Fairmont Farm in East Montpelier. A record wet spring in Vermont is giving farmers a bad start to the season, delaying the planting of feed crops.

Dairy farmers and crop growers are still dealing with saturated fields in the aftermath of spring flooding. It's been drier recently, but the heavy rains that postponed planting earlier in the spring will have ripple effects throughout the growing season. We talk about the prospects facing farmers who are still having trouble getting heavy equipment into sodden fields with Deputy Agriculture Secretary Diane Bothfeld, and Bob Paquin, state director of the USDA Farm Service Agency. We also talk with Travis Marcotte of the Intervale Center in Burlington, where a dozen farms are feeling the effects of three severe weather events this spring.


Also in the program, VPR's Samantha Fields hits the road to find out if Vermonters are changing their driving habits in the face of high gas prices.


And we read from our mailbag of listener comments to the program.


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