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I Graduated! Now What?

05/26/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP Photo/Alden Pellett
This year's college graduates have grown up during a period of significant and often volatile world events and now, diplomas in hand, they face a tough job market and momentous decisions about starting their post-college lives. We're gathering advice for how the Class of 2011 might take their first steps after graduation. Our guests include two life coaches, Lisa Buell and Laura Lind-Blum; the director of Career Services at the University of Vermont Pamela Gardner; and Rebecca Towne, a human resources director for a major employer in Vermont.

Also in the program, we continue our Visiting Artists series with sculptor and installation artist Andy Wasserman. Cyclists on the Lake Champlain Bikeway might recognize a "sculptural rest stop" she worked on in on Isle La Motte, using local quarried stone. And visitors to City Hall Park in Burlington might recognize her shiny metallic spire mounted on granite columns. Jane Lindholm pays a visit Wasserman's studio, where her private work is of a much smaller scale.


And we get a glimpse of the tree frog. Their sounds are unmistakable, but actually seeing the frogs takes patience and knowledge fo the natural world. VPR's Susan Keese accompanied nature photographer Ted Schiffman to seek out the elusive tree frog.

See the Ted Schiffman tree frog photo gallery

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