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Mother's Day In The Garden

05/06/11 5:55PM
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I'm Charlie Nardozzi and this is the Vermont Garden Journal. Mother's Day was started during the Civil War by Julia Ward Howe. She was so distraught over the carnage, she called for a day to honor peace and motherhood in protest of the war. But what started as a day to honor moms, has turned into an unruly commercial holiday. So what should you do to celebrate your mother on this day? While chocolates, flowers, cards and brunch are the norm, how about something for her garden?

Most moms are overworked so any garden gift that represents more work such as a bonzai tree, garden cart, or new trellis may not be good ideas. Oh and guys, one word of advice, when mom says she wants some mulch or compost for mother's day, that means she wants you to spread it.

Most mothers never think they get enough time with their kids. "What you're leaving already". Plan a day to work in your mom's garden with her. You could do some of the grunt work she's avoided or maybe plant a new flower or vegetable bed together.

Picking out a tree or shrub is a good idea, if you know your mom's tastes. A contorted hazelnut or barberry may NOT be what she wants planted right off the back deck. It's better to go shopping with her and offer to pay for the plant she wants. Think low maintenance plants for mom such as Knockout roses, Endless Summer blue hydrangeas, and Stella D'oro daylilies.

Finally how about a gift that will help her feel good after a session in the garden. A gift certificate for a facial or massage is a great pampering gift on this day.

Now for this week's tip, the bark mulch is flying around landscapes this time of year. When spreading mulch around tree, remove the old mulch first. If you don't, you'll create a mulch volcano pile under your tree that will eventually kill it.

Next week on  the Vermont Garden Journal, I'll be talking about honeyberries. For now, I'll be seeing you in the garden!



Volcano mulching




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