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Intelligence Squared: Clip America's Global Wings

04/20/11 4:25PM

Intelligence Squared US
Just two decades ago there seemed to be no limits to American power. In light of 9/11, the financial crisis, and the rise of China, has America's role in the world changed?

What should America's role be in the new world order? When Intelligence Squared says,  "America should clip it's global wings?" Peter Galbraith and Lawrence Korb argue for the motion and Elliott Abrams and Eliot Cohen argue against. 

This series is based on the traditional Oxford-style debate format, with one side proposing and the other side opposing a sharply-framed motion. Before the debate begins, the audience registers their pre-debate opinion using an electronic voting system. These results are announced later in the program. Alternating between panels, each debater gives a 7-minute opening statement.


This debate is moderated by former ABC world Correspondent John Donvan.

This is one in a series of debates you can hear. Learn more and see the video at Intelligence Squared

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