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04/18/11 5:00AM

This week's poem by Braeden Hughes, a sophomore at Mount Mansfield Union High School, creates an elliptical, phantom image that makes you want to read and reread this short, powerful piece. For more great student writing, go to youngwritersproject.org


A woman blooms in breathless smoke,

swirling across grey concrete

in filmy skirts that fade against

the brilliance of the sky.

She spins in lilting steps,

her frosted lips upturned

and pale wrists arched,

catching the shards of winter sunlight

across her skin.


The wind sweeps her up,

gathering her long

hair and limbs

in heavy knots.

Her eyes meet yours as she

is twisted

into infinity.


Remember the ice in your lungs

and how beautiful your heart-crevices

looked with patterns of frost scored into them.


the world is evaporating

and everything beautiful burns ash

into the fog.
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