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04/04/11 5:00AM
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Image courtesy YWP
Rebecca Valley, Young Writers Project
This week's piece, by Rebecca Valley, a 10th grader at Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans, is a short, powerful poem and podcast about those moments of glorious aloneness.  For more great student writing, go to youngwritersproject.org


You must've sent word to the skies
that I was alone, today.
She made it rain
as if giving me an alternative motive
for these dangerous thoughts.
When I refuse to leave the house
the neighbors will say
                                                        The rain drove him mad.

I imagine your careful plea
to that omnipotent sky goddess.

                                                        Please, let the rain come.
                                                       He needs some time to think.

And I'm thinking now,
as she pours her tears from pitchers
onto the Earth
that today would be a good day
to read a book and that
                                                    Perhaps I'll make a sandwich, later.





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