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Dispensaries: The Alternative To Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana

03/24/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
Senate Bill 17 proposes to set up two medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, run by non-profit entities. They would service patients who were approved to use the drug for medicinal purposes under a 2004 law.

We hear from Senator Dick Sears, one of the sponsors of the bill, and Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn on what the bill proposes, why it is needed and what reservations have been raised about allowing these dispensaries.

Plus, University of Vermont President Daniel Fogel announced that he is stepping down from his post to return to teaching. He explains what went into the decision and what he hopes to accomplish at UVM before he steps down next summer.

And, each Spring, the "Creative ReUse Showcase" invites students to submit art work made from trash. This is a way of exploring the concepts of consumer waste, disposable goods and recycling. We get a glimpse of what the students came up with this year.


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