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Childcare Providers Divided Over Bill To Extend Collective Bargaining Rights

03/23/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Governor Peter Shumlin greets early educators from across the state who gathered earlier this month to support legislation that would extend collective bargaining rights to childcare providers.
As other states move to restrict collective bargaining rights, Vermont is considering extending them to early childhood educators. But child care providers themselves are divided over whether they want the right to unionize. We'll talk to Cathi Ste. Marie, a registered home childcare provider in North Troy, and Katie Gonyaw, the director of Ascension Childcare Inc. in South Burlington, about whether unionizing would enhance the quality of child care in Vermont.


Also on the program, Vermont Law School professor Cheryl Hanna explains judicial retention. Judges need approval from legislators for each 6-year term they serve.  When a legislative panel recently voted not to recommend Superior Court Judge Mark Keller for another term it raised questions about how Vermont's judicial retention process works, and how politics affects the tenure of judges. Most states elect or appoint judges for life.

And we get a glimpse into how this winter's record-breaking snowfall is impacting Vermont's Barred Owls.  The nocturnal hunters are getting creative with their hunting - and showing up in unexpected places.


Photos courtesy, Meghan Oliver at VINS. 



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