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VPR Presents: The American Negro Spiritual

03/09/11 10:30AM
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Dr. Francois Clemmons
Dr. Francois Clemmons gave a performance lecture March 2nd at the First United Methodist Church in Burlington. The talk, "If You Don't Want Your Slave to Speak Freely, You Should Forbid Him to Sing!"  was both a history of slavery and a history of song. 

Clemmons discussed the American Negro Spiritual and punctuated the presentation with lively examples of songs, such as "On My Journey, Mount Zion" and "I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)".
Popularly known for his role on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood as Officer Clemmons, Dr. Francois Clemmons was founder and director of the world-famous Harlem Spiritual Ensemble.

This talk was part of Vermont Humanities Council First Wednesdays Lecture Series.





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