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Preventing Youth Suicide

03/03/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Host Jane Lindholm
When a young person commits suicide, the tragedy reverberates throughout a community, with adults and peers often wondering, did we notice something was wrong? Could we have done something to prevent this? Thursday on Vermont Edition, we talk with experts about community strategies to prevent suicide, and the resources that are available for young people who are struggling. Our guests include Charlie Biss of the state's Division of Mental Health, who says suicide should be addressed as a public health problem; and Brian Remer, who manages the Vermont Youth Suicide Prevention Project.

Also in the program, VPR's John Dillon explains the debate over a proposed electric transmission line in northern New Hampshire. Utilities say the new power line is necessary to transmit hydro-power from Hydro-Quebec to northeastern population centers. But residents say it will damage the landscape and diminish the prospects of other alternative energy projects.

And we visit the Champlain Valley Exposition as preparations are underway for the annual flower show. In the days before the show, organizers are less concerned with fragrance and subtle arrangements, and more focused on construction.


Resources for suicide prevention:

This is a 24/7 health and human services information and referral service for Vermont.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
(800) 273-TALK
Calls to this national hotline are answered in Vermont.

Mental Health Agencies in Vermont
Each region of the state is served directly by a mental health agency.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
National organization focused on prevention through research, education and advocacy.

Outright Vermont
Crisis support and other resources for ‘queer’ youth.


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