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State, EPA Working On New Cleanup Plan For Lake Champlain

02/07/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Larry Dupont
Algae blooms on Lake Champlain.
Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency rejected Vermont's plan to reduce phosphorous pollution in Lake Champlain. The EPA had approved the plan back in 2002, but now says it does not meet federal requirements. That decision came in response to a 2008 lawsuit filed against the Agency by the Conservation Law Foundation, which says that the limits Vermont's plan set on phosphorous pollution were not tough enough and that the plan did not take into account the impact of climate change. Now, the EPA is working with the state to reassess conditions in the lake and put together a new cleanup plan.


We talk to Christopher Kilian, Vice President and Director of the Conservation Law Foundation about the lawsuit, and David Mears, the new commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, about collaborating with the EPA on a new plan.


Also on the program, we pay a visit to the Weybridge studio of bird carver Gary Starr.  Starr has been carving birds for more than 50 years, since he began imitating his father, a master collector and carver of decoys.  Starr's decoys are mostly decorative but he tries to capture the essence of each of the nearly 70 species in his collection.  In 2007, a pair of his cardinals graced the walls of the White House.  Starr shows host Jane Lindholm around his studio and explains how he turns a block of wood into a bird designed to look like a living breathing member of its species.


And we open up our mailbag and read from some of your letters.



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