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Vermont's Wind Energy Future

02/04/11 7:50AM By John Dillon

Courtesy, Kingdom Community Wind
A rendering of what the ridgeline in Lowell would look with turbine towers

Wind development could be at a crossroads in Vermont as regulators take up the latest large-scale project for the mountaintops. This week, VPR News examines the finances and science behind wind.

What divides communities where projects are proposed? Are they capable of producing as much electricity and reducing greenhouse gases as much as supporters contend? How are they financed? And where do the profits from them flow? 

Listen Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Reporter John Dillon will also be Jane Lindholm's guest on Vermont Edition, Thursday, February 3, to discuss Vermont's Wind Energy Future.

Wind Project Financing Structures: A Review & Comparative Analysis (pdf) 608kb

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