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Civility In A Fractured Society

02/02/11 7:30PM

NEH photo by Greg Powers & Audrey Crewe
The chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities will bring his American Civility Tour to Vermont Wednesday.   He will be Jane Lindholm’s guest on Vermont Edition and speak at the Vermont State House Wednesday evening (Feb 2nd).

Jim Leach embarked on a fifty-state tour in November of 2009, in order to call attention to the need for civility in public discourse.  “Words matter,” Leach says, “Polarizing attitudes can jeopardize social cohesion.”  He says civility goes beyond good etiquette and requires respectful engagement with other viewpoints and experiences.

In addition to the discussion on Vermont Edition, you’ll be able to listen to Leach’s address, “Civility in a Fractured Society” at VPR.net via our live stream from the State House.   His talk begins at 7:30.

“Civility in a Fractured Society is part of Farmers’ Night at the Vermont State House and the Vermont Humanities Council’s First Wednesdays series.

Farmers’ Night is every Wednesday in the House Chamber.   This year’s schedule includes The Vermont Jazz Enseble, the UVM Top Cats, The Saint Johnsbury Band with Counterpoint and more.

The Vermont Humanities Council’s First Wednesday series is presented in nine communities around the state.   The program is free.   Click here for this year’s schedule.

Listen Wednesday night at 7:30 on VPR's live stream from the State House.


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