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Analyzing Governor Shumlin’s Budget Plan

01/28/11 12:00PM By Bob Kinzel
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This week, Governor Peter Shumlin delivered some tough budget news. His plan contains a number of cuts that are garnering a fair amount of opposition at the State House. Shumlin said that he's "committed to making the painful choices today that will help insure that we are not back here next year making more drastic cuts."

We hear from two people who will play an instrumental role in the development of the final budget - House Appropriations Chairwoman Martha Heath and Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Jane Kitchel. We get their reaction to the governor's budget proposal and see what kind of changes they'd like to make.

Plus, in light of the discovery of another groundwater monitoring well contaminated with tritium, VPR's John Dillon provides an update on Vermont Yankee and the future of the facility.

And we listen back to the voices in the news this week.



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