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The Year Of Making Things

01/18/11 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Courtesy of Emily Blistein
In many quarters, the bobbin, the spool and the old-time sewing machine are back in vogue. As people attempt to do more with less, we delve into doing it yourself. Many people in the area have turned to making things, from creating clothing with reused materials, to printing their own invitations and cards for weddings and holidays. Emily Blistein of Clementine in Middlebury and Gyllian Svensson of the Bobbin Sew Bar and Craft Lounge in Burlington share some of the DIY projects they and their customers are working on.

Plus, Tom and Beth Tailer run the Governor's Institute on Engineering at UVM. Together with high school and college interns, they've spent the past several months building a large scale freezer out of sustainable materials for the Vermont Sustainable Heating initiative. We get a tour of their Eco-Freezer.


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