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Reaction To The Blue Ribbon Tax Commission Report

01/14/11 12:00PM
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AP Photo/Toby Talbot
The Blue Ribbon Tax Commission just released its long-awaited report reforming the state's tax system. The panel wants to broaden the base of the income tax and the sales tax so tax rates can actually be reduced without increasing tax burdens. We get the legislative reaction to the plan from House Ways and Means Chairwoman Janet Ancel and Senate Finance Chairwoman Ann Cummings.

Post your thoughts about these changes below or email them to Vermontedition@vpr.net.

Also, we hear from former Rutland County Republican Senator John Bloomer. He has been named as the Senate Secretary, who advises members on procedural issues and serves as the Senate's lawyer.

Plus, we listen back to the voices in the news this week.


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