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State of the Re:Union

01/15/11 4:00PM

courtesy al letson via Flickr
State of the Re:Union Twin Cities


Watch out Garrison Kiellor, a new public radio program is in Minneapolis-St.Paul today.  

On this VPR Saturday Special, State of the Re:Union host Al Letson explores the Twin Cities.  He finds a striking parallel between the identity of Minneapolis-St.Paul  and the famously delicious cheeseburger, The Jucy Lucy (or Juicy Lucy). All is not as it appears...

Shaking the stereotype of the blonde-haired blue eyed Scandinavian Lutherans - Minneapolis-St. Paul is changing the face and voice of the Lutheran Church. The Khmer Choir of Cambodian Lutheran Church is a well established institution in the Twin Cities. The Tanzanian Lutheran Church conducts their services in Swahili.

There are other changes that are happening as immigrants settle into the Midwest. The Twin Cities boast a refugee population and resettlement program similar to Vermont's.  A spectrum of identities blur across the cities.

The residents of the Twin Cities overcome the adversity and coexist in a climate of diversity. Spoken Word Poets unites a young community of Hmong through Hip-Hop, and their craft rhymes define their generation's identity. Tune in Saturday at 4 for the VPR Saturday Special, State of the Re:Union - Twin Cities.

Take a look at State of the Re:Union on Flickr.


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