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Hunger Rate Grows In Vermont

11/16/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP Photo/Alden Pellett
Food is boxed for distribution to agencies picking up the products at the Vermont Foodbank's warehouse in South Barre, Vt.
New information from the USDA shows that nearly 82,000 Vermonters are "food insecure" - they have had to skip meals, rely on assistance programs or rely on poor quality food. The number of Vermonters who go hungry has been growing throughout the recession, and organizations that provide food assistance expect the trend to continue even while the economy improves. We talk with John Sayles, Executive Director of the Vermont Foodbank, and Marissa Parisi of the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger about the economics of hunger.

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Also in the program, a new book that profiles New Englanders who have forged extraordinary paths, like Kate Phillips, who wrote the screenplay for "The Blob" and was a fixture of horror movies in the 1940s. We talk with John Walters, author of Roads Less Traveled: Visionary New England Lives.

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