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Novel Imagines Life Of Herman Melville

11/08/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Herman Melville wrote iconic books in the American literary canon like Moby-Dick, drawing partly on his personal experiences on whaling ships in the 1800s. Melville's life of adventure and tumult is now described in work of historical fiction by Vermont author Jay Parini. Parini's new novel, The Passages of H. M., tells the story of Melville's youthful exploits on the high seas and his later descent into depression and domestic violence. We talk with Parini about his novel, and why Melville's Moby-Dick still resonates with readers.

Also in the program, Vermont Yankee engineers are examining a a leak where radioactive water is seeping from a pipe leading to the reactor. VPR's John Dillon provides an update on what is known about the cause and implications of the leak. Yermont Yankee was shut down to address the problem, but a plant spokesman there is no risk to public health or safety.

And VPR's Steve Zind shares the story of one Vermont soldier, Cpt. David Fabricius of North Rupert, who's deployment in Afghanistan and has meant providing support for other soldiers.



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