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Challengers In The Governor's Race

10/11/10 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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VPR/Tim Johnson
Candidates Dennis Steele (left) Emily Peyton and Dan Feliciano
There are five other candidates for governor of Vermont, beside Republican Brian Dubie and Democrat Peter Shumlin. We've invited them to argue for their platforms and share their perspectives from outside the two-party system. Cris Erickson of Putney is with the United State marijuana Party;  Dan Feliciano is an independent from Essex; Ben Mitchell of Westminster is with the Liberty Union Party; Emily Peyton of Putney is an independent; and Dennis Steele of Kirby is an independent.

We learn the policy priorities of the candidates, and hear their ideas for tackling the toughest problems facing Vermont.


Note: Cris Erickson declined to participate. Ben Mitchell is unable to attend due to his work schedule.



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